Where Are the Good Men?

 Touch featured three men: Joey DiFalco who beat Rosa; Lou Bates who almost killed her; and Tony. We heard about Rosa’s oldest brother Pete, who fathered Tessa and her older brother and hit Paola until she left.

So, aside from Tony, aren’t there any good men?

Rosa’s papa is a mason and family man. Her sister Aggie is married to the man with the vasectomy, Al Casella, a building inspector for the City. Aggie and her six kids, including the budding star on Tony’s basketball team and the youngest boy who might have been Rosa’s, are all Casellas. Mama’s third of seven kids is Rosa’s brother Dino, a mason like his father. He is the father of the third basket-ball playing DeAngelo girl. After Rosa, there are two younger brothers and her baby sister. More about them some other day.

After leaving Pete, Paola married Dom Tucci. He is the adoptive father of Tessa and her brother. Dom and his brother operate Tucci Brothers used car lot. Since his son graduated high school, he has worked in the family business. Tessa’s memorable full name is Tessa Tucci.

Papa DeAngelo, Dino, Al, and Dom all meet the neighborhood’s standard to be called men of respect. They are husbands and fathers, earn a steady income, don’t drink or gamble it away, and provide for their families. They lead wholesome, boring lives, and we've therefore heard little about them.