Wishes Unwished.

In school, people chose her to be on their softball team. One of the top choices. She was captain one year in the Police Athletic League. She was on the Prom Committee and it was her idea, “Golden Moments,” that became the theme. Everybody liked it because gold was the school color. She did alright in school, too—once took an AP course.

That was back then. Now it’s only four years later and she’s a failure. Roberto makes unreasonable demands, like the house and the meals should be the same as before Robbie came. Robbie makes unreasonable demands, too, which is okay because he’s only two but it adds to the pressure. Roberto’s mother never criticizes or complains, but every word and gesture is a condescending cover over the unspoken accusation underneath. Even her mother’s overcompensating cheer doesn't help. And when she takes over to get things done her way, she helps even less.

Sometimes she wishes she and Robbie never, you know. And never married. And never had a baby. Sometimes she wishes she’s one person, alone. Herself. Of course, she didn’t really wish any of those things. That wouldn’t be right.